Whether your New Year’s resolution is to lose 10 pounds or just get healthy, adding a few classes to your workout routine can keep you interested and motivated – the below classes offer targeted, low-impact opportunities to sculpt your body and help you achieve 2012 health goals.

Yoga Class

This ancient practice has become main stream, and more people are enjoying greater flexibility, better posture and overall stress relief because of it. Yoga classes can act as facilitated stretch sessions or simply a way to improve wellbeing and mental health. Explore some of the different types of yoga and see which class appeals to you.

Pilates Class

Pilates involves training the muscles to improve posture and alignment. This exercise heightens body awareness and encourages you to think about how everyday movements are performed. Movements vary from slow and controlled to fast-paced, which improves overall agility, flexibility and strength.

Check out a Pilates mat or reformer class this week – your core body will thank you!

Barre Class

The barre technique is a total body workout that lifts your thighs and burns fat in record time. Using a ballet barre, you repeat intense, low-impact movements set to music. Barre workouts involve a ton of stretching, which helps create lean abdominal, arm, glute and hip muscles.

Try incorporating one of the above fitness classes into your 2012 exercise routine and you will begin seeing your body transform by the time February rolls around!

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