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How to Avoid the Dreaded Weight-Loss Plateau (and Banish Boredom)


Whether your fitness journey started as a New Year’s resolution or a desire to fit into a swimsuit, you probably began with inspiration and motivation. You may have lost weight rapidly and noticed your body change in positive ways. That’s to be expected.

Keep Learning to Keep Burning

Unfortunately, there comes a point when your fitness journey becomes a marathon rather than a sprint. It’s easy to stay motivated in the beginning when changes happen quickly. It takes effort and dedication to stick with your fitness routine when the scale budges less frequently and less dramatically.

If you stay the course, you’ll continue to progress toward your goal weight and increase your muscle tone and endurance. The key is to keep your body and mind engaged by adding variety to your workouts.

Teach Your Body and Mind – In Class

Group exercise classes are one way to add variety to your routine. Instead of running on a treadmill for cardio, take a cycling class. Instead of lifting weights, take a yoga class that uses balance and body weight to build muscles. There are classes ranging from boot camps to water aerobics. Change it up; attend one for a month, and when it becomes less challenging, choose another class. As a bonus, you’ll meet new people who will hold you accountable to show up.

Try Unfamiliar Equipment

Are you curious about what it’s like to kick a heavy bag? Do you wonder how many flights of stairs you could climb on a stepper, like PowerMill? Satisfy your curiosity and challenge your muscles by trying new equipment. Ask a gym employee for a tutorial, then get started. It will be tough at first and you’ll probably be sore. But that’s how you’ll be rewarded on the scale.

Use Familiar Equipment in New Ways

Perhaps you are a treadmill or bike devotee. If you insist on using the same equipment, you can still change your workout. High-intensity intervals make any cardio workout more challenging. Run (or pedal) at your max speed for 30 seconds, then walk (or pedal slowly) for 30 seconds. Repeat this for the duration of your session.

Fitness should be a lifestyle, not a phase. Keep it interesting and varied and you’ll be more likely to stick with it and realize your goals.

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Avoid the Diet Rut


Rice cakes. Grapefruits. Cabbage soup. Yawn! Eating should be enjoyable, not miserable. Don’t fall prey to boring diets and boring meals.

Here are some easy ways to spice up your routine, avoid the diet rut, and still lose weight.

Aspire To Eat Clean

If you’re tired of getting stuck, setting tight restrictions might be to blame. Instead, aspire to eat clean. This means ditching the processed and packaged foods. The meal combinations are endless with fresh veggies, fruit, meat, whole grains, and low-fat dairy at your choosing.  Some days you will do better than other days, and that’s perfectly okay. You don’t have to become the perfect clean eating human. Simply lean your life toward healthier choices.

Meatless Mondays

If a chicken breast with steamed vegetables is your everyday meal, it’s time to mix it up before boredom sidelines your diet. How can you do this? Go meatless on Mondays. Challenge your taste buds and cooking skills by eating vegetarian proteins like tofu, legumes, eggs, and quinoa. Who knows, you might just find a new favorite!

Explore Pinterest

From healthy pancakes to healthy burgers to healthy cookies, Pinterest has it! Use this awesome resource as your virtual healthy cookbook for meal and snack ideas. With thousands of recipes, a diet rut is nearly impossible.


Cheat? Yes, cheat. You are more likely to crash and burn (i.e. eat the entire cake instead of just one slice) if you don’t give into temptations every once in awhile. Plan a weekly cheat meal. Maybe it‘s a “healthy” version of your favorite dessert or maybe even the real thing! Either way, eat what you really want and put cravings to rest.

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When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, nobody can be perfect all the time. We are human beings with cravings and behaviors that naturally make us want to diverge from a diet and exercise plan.

The key to giving into the cravings without completely sabotaging all of your hard work is moderation. Here are a few tips to help you navigate “cheating” on food, drinks, and exercise in a healthy way!

Cheating On Food

  • Every diet needs some wiggle room or you’ll eventually burn out and revert to old habits. Just keep in mind that a weekly or monthly “cheat day” is not an invitation to binge. Eat the foods you want in normal portions and don’t worry about counting calories. And don’t forget to fit in a sweaty workout!
  • A cheat day isn’t a tried and true method for everybody. The 80/20 rule is another way to look at healthy eating mixed with indulging. If you work toward eating clean and healthy the majority of the time (80 percent), you can be more relaxed and loose with your choices the rest of the time.
  • If you want to cheat but aren’t looking to hit a fast food drive-thru, every food has a healthy copycat that keeps the taste but eliminates a lot of the junk and calories. Pinterest and healthy food bloggers are your best friends for this!
  • When you want to enjoy an adult beverage that doesn’t fit with your diet plan, choosing the right splurge and only having one or two is key. Skip the sugary margaritas and enjoy a glass of red, a vodka soda with lime, or a Bloody Mary instead.

Cheating On The Gym

  • If you can’t muster up the motivation to get to your group fitness class, sweat in a different way during the day. Take a walk during your lunch break, use a push mower instead of the rider, or go for an evening bike ride with the family.
  • Last but not least, cheat on the gym once a week. Yep, we said it! A day off from a workout every once in awhile should never fill you with guilt. Your body needs recovery and rest to keep performing at a high-level without injury.

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High-Impact vs. Low-Impact


Heavy weights versus light weights. To stretch, or not to stretch. Group fitness versus sweating solo. These fitness “debates” are all about personal preference. But when it comes to high-impact versus low-impact exercise, there might actually be a correct answer.

Yes, one form of cardio may fit your needs and your body better. So, are you geared toward high-impact or low-impact?


What: With low-impact movements, at least one or both feet touch the ground at all times. This puts less force and stress on your body. But don’t confuse low-impact with the slower pace of low-intensity workouts! Have you ever been to an hour-long spin class? You’ll be wishing it was low-intensity by the time you’re done.

Who: People who are older, injured, have bad joints, or are pregnant benefit from low-impact activity. If you’re a fitness newbie, starting with low-impact cardio is a great way to dip your toes into exercise.

How: Elliptical, FlexStrider Variable-Stride Trainer, PowerMill Climber, cycling, walking, swimming, yoga and rowing.


What: With high-impact movements, both feet may be off the ground at the same time. Examples are jumping, running, or switch kicks in a kickboxing class. Certain high-impact activities burn more calories than low-impact activities, but high-impact has a greater chance of injury.

Who: If you have a strong fitness baseline, at low risk for joint problems, and not nursing an injury, give high-impact a try.

How: Running outdoors or on the treadmill, plyometrics, jumping rope, or dance-based classes with leaps and jumps.

Combo Cardio

At certain times, a combo of high-impact and low-impact workouts might be best for your body. For example, if you’re recovering from an injury, low-impact is the way to go. Or, maybe you’ve noticed that you can do two long runs a week, but the third makes your knees hurt. Instead of pushing your body past its limits, move indoors onto a FlexStrider or an elliptical cross-trainer. Or, maybe you’re relatively new to fitness but want to mix up your routine once a week for a new challenge. Sign up for a high-impact class like a cardio boot camp.

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Spring Break Prep

spring break

Spring break season is right around the corner and it’s almost time to swap sweatpants for a swimsuit. Yep, you’re about to uncover areas that haven’t seen the sun in a long time.

Before you panic and cancel your reservations for the hotel on the beach, know that we have your back (and your backside).

Follow these simple tips to get in shape and make splash for your spring break getaway!

Ramp Up Your Workouts

In order to maximize your results for your trip, ramp up your normal workout in duration and intensity. If you normally walk, try jogging. If you are an avid runner, add some short sprints into your run. You may even want to double up on workouts a few days a week. Try for one hour a day instead of 30 minutes when the date gets near! And if you don’t strength train, this is an absolute must-add. Not only will you look more toned, but strength training revs up your metabolism, too!

Drink More H20

Water. Before you spend a week swimming in it, make it your drink of choice. Aim for eight eight-ounce glasses a day and then some! Staying hydrated will help you avoid overeating, give you more energy to power through your tough sweat sessions, and aids in digestion.

Cut Back Calories

To lose just one pound, you have to create a 3,500 calorie deficit. Although your calorie needs vary according to your height, current weight and amount of physical activity, most people can lose weight by reducing their daily caloric intake to 1,500 to 1,600 calories per day and incorporating exercise. If you really want to take it up a notch, get precise about your portions by using measuring cups and writing down your calorie consumption each day.

Ditch The Junk

A beach body is all about the abs and abs are all about what you put in your body. Beat bloat and get that flat stomach by cutting out sodium, processed foods, chemicals, and food coloring. All of this fake “food” does nothing but hurt your weight loss efforts. Also, lay off the alcohol. Drinking is extra calories that provides no nutrients and reduces your willpower. Save the piña coladas until spring break!

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Sticking To Your Health Plan When Your Family Isn’t Helping


Do you ever feel like your spouse’s diet is sabotaging your weight loss? Or you use your kid’s schedule as an excuse for a week of skipped workouts? If these all too common scenarios sound like your situation, know that healthy living is possible.

Yes, it can be harder without a health-focused family, but with a few strategies under your belt you can stay on track!

Make Your Goals Known To Your Family

So your family doesn’t want to join your weight loss program, but do they know your goals? The first step to success is making your health goals clear to your family and asking for their support. If they understand your reasoning for skipping the Sunday morning donut trip, they will be more likely to encourage than tempt you.

Respect Your Family’s Schedule and Vice Versa

Yes, being single allows for more free time but everyone can fit exercise into his or her schedule. If you have trouble working out when the day gets hectic, then go while the family sleeps. Get motivated, get up early, and get your workout done first thing. If you respect your family’s schedule, they will respect your healthy me-time.

Cook Healthy In General

Nobody wants to eat a microwave diet dish. Cook real food with whole ingredients for your family dinner that you and your family will enjoy. Also, make sneaky swaps whenever possible. Trade turkey meat for beef in hamburgers, choose baked sweet potato fries over greasy French fries, swap Greek yogurt for sour cream on Taco night, and add veggies whenever possible. Kale in smoothies and spinach in pasta sauce, the kids will never know!

Get Comfortable With Saying No

Getting healthy and in shape doesn’t come without making changes. You may have to say no to certain things that your family will say yes to. As you make sacrifices and changes, remember that a healthy you is a win (and an inspiration) for your family!

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Exercises To Prep For That Ski Trip


With ski season in full swing, we want your next trip down the hill (or mountain) to be strong, speedy, and safe. To conquer all three—plus that black diamond—the exercises you do before and after hitting the slopes are crucial. Here’s the how to prep your body for that upcoming ski trip!

Pre-Slopes Sweating

Add these three additions to your workouts leading up to your winter adventure.

1. Lower Body Focus

Since skiing requires the use of all of the large muscles groups in your lower body, add additional lunges and squats to your workout to strengthen your legs and glutes. Beat boredom by adding variations: walking lunges, pistol squats, plié squats, etc. Try these with weights for an added challenge.

2. BOSU Ball Balance

With rough terrain and constant changes in direction on the mountain, a skier’s body needs to be able to maintain equilibrium with ease. This slope skill requires great core strength and balance. Fortunately, the BOSU ball will help with both. Simply perform exercises you normally do like squats, crunches, and push-ups but on the BOSU ball. You’ll really feel it in your core after one session.

3. Plyometric Power

Speed and agility are the last elements to acing a ski hill. Think plyometric jumps and drills involving quick feet and direction. Jump squats, split lunges or fast foot work.

Post-Slope Solutions

After a day of going up and down the mountain, a cool down exercise is important.

1. Yoga

Time spent on the yoga mat can help protect against injury by addressing muscle imbalances and improving flexibility. And, yoga is always a great way to destress and chill out after a strenuous workout.

2. Foam Rolling

Sore muscles and stiff legs come with a long day in a pair of skis. Fortunately, a foam roller or massage stick can help with self-myofascial release—a fancy term for self-massage to release muscle tightness or trigger points. Spend 10 minutes using the tool and feel the sweet release.

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The Rise of Wearable Fitness Tech


Having trouble staying motivated because you’re not getting any feedback to keep you going? Welcome to the era of the wearable activity tracker. Get instant-feedback about your activity habits, including your sleep, and it might just change your life.

In case you’re still on the fence, activity trackers aren’t going anywhere in 2015. In fact, this trend will continue to grow with new versions and wrists being outfitted each day!

What’s the big deal?

The reason for the fitness tracker’s popularity is simple. In order to make a lifestyle change and create healthy habits, you need motivation and feedback. That’s exactly what an activity tracker brings to the table! The band on your wrist is your accountability partner and personal trainer wrapped up in one. Trackers give you that extra push in number, chart, and vibration form (a few models will vibrate if you are sitting too long!). Plus, most trackers have the ability to connect with your family and friends to compete in challenges and games if you need any further motivation.

Will my health actually improve by wearing this?

The device will give you the data, but the work is up to you. If you walk 9,000 steps, will you take the extra 1,000 to reach the recommended daily amount? If you notice that your sleep patterns are poor, will you change your habits in order to snooze better? If you realize that you workout hard for an hour in the morning but the rest of your day is sedentary, will you start going on an afternoon walk or stand-up more at work? An activity tracker is health in physical form, but can’t physically make you do anything. That part is up to you!

What’s the best tracker for me?

With a plethora of models on the market, deciding on the right activity tracker can be a workout in itself. Do your research and decide what features you need before you go shopping. Most options will track steps, distance, and calories burned. Many will also track workouts, while newer models are now tracking heart rate and sleep patterns. But wait that’s not all, how much do you want to pay? Do you want it to sync directly to your phone? And last but certainly not least, what color will you sport?

Will you be tracking your way to better health in 2015?

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10 Tips To Maintain A Healthy Weight


In honor of Healthy Weight Week, we’ve rounded up our favorite ideas to help you maintain a healthy weight through exercise and nutrition. These tips are simple, realistic, and most importantly, can be incorporated into your life starting today. Ready?

1. Ditch diets. Diets are temporary and filled with rollercoaster ups and downs. Switch your mindset to making lifestyle changes. A lifestyle is permanent.

2. A friend, a co-worker, or a spouse, it doesn’t matter who. Just get yourself a fitness accountability partner.

3. Use your scale once a week to track your progress. Don’t use your scale as a body-shaming device.

4. They say variety is the spice of life and that holds true for workouts. Make each day at the gym different to stay motivated and avoid burnout.

5. Do something active with your family at least once a week. A snowball fight, a walk, or a dance-off. All these activities burn calories and instill healthy values into a younger generation.

6. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store in order to eat clean. You’ll end up with less packaged and boxed items without trying.

7. Be on portion control. Use measuring cups and spoons instead of hands and eyeballs to known exactly how much is going into your mouth.

8. If you’re not already strength training, add it into your routine. Muscle burns more calories than fat.

9. Drink more water. Tap water, sparkling water, fruit infused water. Take your pick and swig all day long.

10. Last but certainly not least, aim to stand up more than you sit down. Standing up at work or more often throughout the day is a sneaky way to burn extra calories and good for your overall health.

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Don’t Let Your Fitness Resolutions Fizzle Out

So, you’ve set your health and fitness resolutions for the year, but you’re not really sure how to make the motivation and hard work last more than a few months?

In honor of Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution Day (January 12), we’ve rounded up our best tips to help you avoid the fizzle and finally reach your goals this time around.

Resolute for the right reasons.

We’re two weeks into the new year, but it’s not too late to “edit” your resolutions. Whatever your goals, make sure you are aiming to better yourself for the long-haul and not just the short term. Rapid weight loss gimmicks and tricks don’t stick. Make a resolution that will become a habit for the rest of your life.

Write it down. Everywhere!

Don’t keep your resolution silent in your head. Plaster it everywhere for visual motivation! Is your goal to drink more water? Put a sticky note on your fridge and mirror as a reminder. Trying to go to the gym five days week? Write your favorite motivational quotes on a piece of paper and tape it in your cubical and your car. When you see your resolution daily, you won’t forget what you set out to accomplish.

Don’t go it alone.

Two is better than one when it comes to sticking to a fitness plan. Find a friend who has similar goals and become accountability partners. Text each other daily reminders, share healthy recipes you’ve discovered, and schedule workouts together. If a partner is hard to come by, join a walking or running club or become a member of a gym with lots of classes. Group fitness classes are easier than planning your own solo workout if you’re new to fitness.

Set mini-milestones and celebrate them.

If you wait to celebrate your successes in December, you’ll quickly realize that 12 months of work with no “fun” will lead to a burnout. Instead, set mini-milestones and throw a mini-celebration when you check them off the list. But don’t set back your efforts with celebrations that include trips to the ice cream shop or missed days at the gym. Treat yourself to a new pair of workout pants, a spa treatment, or a trendy workout class you’ve always wanted to try.

Here’s to a healthy New Year that sticks!

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The NEW Keiser M3x Indoor Cycle

The New Keiser M3x Indoor Cycle is the newest of the Keiser M Series Indoor Cycles. Since the ’70s, Keiser has been on the cutting edge of exercise science and the development of resistance design for exercise equipment. For the past ten years, Keiser has been perfecting their indoor cycles. All those years of hard work have lead to the new Keiser M3x Indoor Cycle. Because of the hardwork and research that has gone into their cycles, Keiser has been a leader in the cycling world and has been called the system choice by trainers and facilities worldwide.

Trixter Patented X-bars

The Keiser M3x is the product of a merger between Keiser’s award winning M3 Indoor Fitness Cycle with Trixter’s popular patented X-bars. This new indoor cycle has the durability and smooth ride of the M Series Indoor Cycles, partnered with the pivoting  Trixter X-bars with 7 levels of resistance. This partnership creates a ride that imitates that of mountain biking or hill climbing by giving riders an upper body pump movement for core, torso and arm benefits.  As Keiser Vice President Darrin Pelkey explains, “The Keiser M3X tension handlebars are another great way of offering more value to group instructors and participants”.

The Keiser M3x Indoor Cycle is not only equipped with the newest Fore and Aft Adjustable Handlebars, Backlit M Series Display, and factory calibrated resistance system, but was also made to last. The M3x was created of corrosive resistant materials with durability in mind, making it nearly maintenance free! The computer gives instant information about your workout with average ride calculations as well as total distance for the bike.

The Keiser M Series Indoor Cycles are known for their durability, but most notably for their advanced patented resistance system, created by an eddy current. The resistance in an M Series bike is created by two opposing magnets passing over the conducting flywheel; the closer the magnets are to the flywheel, the more resistance experienced by the rider.

 photo M3Xeddysystem_zpsa58383e0.pngAt full resistance the flywheel is in most contact with the magnetic field. When you reduce the amount of contact to the field (move the magnets away) the resistance then decreases.

Leader in Indoor Cycle Developmen

The new Keiser M3x Indoor Cycle is durable, dependable, virtually maintenance free, and keeps workouts fun and challenging for users of all levels.  The Keiser M3x is a great new addition to the Keiser M Series Indoor Cycles and The Fitness Outlet is one of the first in the industry to carry them. Visit for more information or call one of our fitness experts at (866) 883-4863.

The New Polar Loop

The NEW Polar Loop

Stylish • Informative • Highly Accurate

With the emergence of highly sought-after activity trackers released by companies like Fitbit, Jawbone and Nike, the digital fitness monitoring experts at Polar finally released an activity tracker that is not only highly accurate, but also offers features that similar activity trackers have lacked – at a competitive price.

The Polar Loop is the product of over 30 years of fitness assessment and heart rate research. Since the 70′s, Polar has been perfecting the digital heart rate monitoring world with countless technological and software innovations.  Polar has put fitness monitoring and assessment in the hands of athletes and non-athletes alike, while making the information easy to read and easy to understand. Their research and innovations have helped users understand their bodies and train in a smarter, more effective way for years.

The Polar Loop is a stylish new bracelet that tracks the user’s daily activity, gives instant motivational feedback,  monitors sleep patterns, and reminds users when they have been still for too long. Every step, every jump, every daily activity is tracked and reported to motivate the user to make healthier choices and create daily personalized activity goals.

Combined with Polar Flow, Polar’s free online tracking software, the Polar Loop provides easy to read and extremely accurate activity readouts, goal progress, and an inactivity alert among other information about your daily choices. Polar Flow also comes in an iPhone App that automatically syncs via Bluetooth® Smart, to keep that information readily available on your phone.

Being able to track all of this information each day, and having it at your fingertips is meant to highlight the importance of every step and every movement throughout your day. As Herb Baer, Polar USA President, explains, “Polar Loop brings our expertise and insights beyond time spent exercising, providing a complete and accurate picture of all daily activity and underlining the importance of every movement made throughout the day—from running, cycling and weight training to cooking, taking the stairs and walking the dog.”

Meant to be worn 24 hours a day, the Polar Loop is waterproof, stylish, and custom-fit. The best part of this specific activity tracker that sets it aside from its competing trackers, is the incorporation of heart rate monitoring. With the use of their H6 Heart Rate Sensor (not included but highly recommended for its obvious benefits), other Polar features become available like their EnergyPointer and Smart Coaching software, creating an even more complete activity and fitness overview. The Polar Loop is the first activity tracker to incorporate heart rate monitoring as an option.

We are excited to carry the new Polar Loop at The Fitness Outlet and to help our clients reach their fitness goals for the New Year. We will soon be offering the Polar Loop as a FREE gift with the purchase of any Precor, Landice, True or Life Fitness treadmill or elliptical for a limited time. For more information or to order your Polar Loop, visit or call one of our fitness experts at (866)883-4863 today.




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Precor 240i StretchTrainer™

In honor of this Precor Holiday Shape Up Sale, we would like to highlight the Award Winning Precor EFX 5.31 Elliptical Crosstrainer.

The Precor EFX 5.31 Elliptical Crosstrainer has won the 2013 Best Buy Award from Treadmill Doctor.

According to the Treadmill Doctor Review Comments, ” the Precor EFX 5.31 is hard to beat;” and we agree. Precor has done an amazing job creating reliable, high quality cardio machines. The EFX 5.31 Elliptical Crosstrainer is the perfect example of Precor’s award winning design, unbeatable quality and reliability, all backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.

The EFX 5.31 is great for cardio and toning, with a smooth and natural stride for a low impact but effective workout. The patented motion of the Precor EFX series, reduces muscle and tendon stress.

Precor EFX® 5.31 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer

Precor has been revolutionizing the fitness world for years, having released the first elliptical crosstrainer ever in the early 90′s. Since then, Precor has been enhancing their designs to create some of the best elliptical crosstrainers in homes and gyms across the country.

Precor EFX 5.31 Elliptical Crosstrainer Video

For further information or to order your Precor fitness equipment, visit or call (866)883.4863 to speak to one of our fitness experts today!

Treadmill Doctor Award Source:

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PowerBlock: The Smarter Way to Strength Train

The benefits of cardio workouts are indisputable. Not only is cardio great for the heart, but it helps improve blood circulation, boosts your metabolism, and promotes a healthy hormonal profile among other things. Because cardiovascular exercises have all these great benefits and burn a significant amount of calories, the benefits and importance of weight training are often overlooked. According to the Mayo Clinic, strength training can boost your metabolism, help build strong bones, increase stamina and can even help control chronic conditions such as obesity and heart disease. Oftentimes, strength training is left out of personal fitness programs because of the inconvenience of purchasing and storing multiple dumbbells, kettlebells or weight plates. Specialty fitness equipment designers, Greg Olson and Carl Towley, saw the inconvenience and impracticality of having to buy and store multiple weights as an opportunity. Together, these two friends created and tested “selectorized dumbbells” for two years before introducing them to the fitness industry.

Just one set of PowerBlock dumbbells can replace up to 55 pairs of old fashioned dumbbells for a fraction of the price and storage space. PowerBlock has also released their line of kettle bells, barbells, stands, benches and PowerBlock accessories. With over 20 years of designing, refining, and changing the world of strength training, it’s no wonder PowerBlock weights have made it into countless homes and gyms across the country.

The Fitness Outlet is proud to carry PowerBlock products online and in stores. For more information or questions about these or any of our products please call us at 1-866-883-4863 or visit us at

Sources for this Article:

Octane Fitness Q37 Elliptical – A Total Body Workout

Octane Fitness Q37 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Octane Fitness has been one of the leading elliptical manufacturers in the industry as the only fitness company dedicated solely to developing and building ellipticals. Being able to focus on this specific type of machine has led to the development of some of the fitness industry’s most effective and recommended elliptical cross trainers. In fact, the Octane Q37 gained fame when it was named one of Oprah’s Favorite Things!

The Octane Q37 is a great upper and lower body workout. Not only is the Q37 Elliptical Cross Trainer designed with ergonomically correct body positioning, it also has multiple workout variations to keep your workout smooth and pain-free. With converging path handlebars, you can tone and strengthen your entire upper body while you workout your lower body. When you need to cool down or reduce stress from an intense total body workout, the Q37 also has stationary handlebars.

The Octane Fitness Q37 has two different console options: Q37c or the Q37ci.

The Q37ci Elliptical is an upgraded version of the Q37c, with upgrades including a larger screen, a Polar Heart Rate strap, wireless heart rate monitoring with 4 heart rate training programs, 4 cross circuit workout programs, customized workout boosters, and a pair of resistance bands and 2 workout videos. Because of the cross-circuit training and the limitless variations of workouts on the Q37 elliptical, full-body workouts never get boring or repetitive!

Optional Cross Circuit PRO Kit

The Q37 elliptical offers the option of  adding a Cross Circuit Kit or a Cross Circuit PRO Kit to add to the strength training portion of your workout. The Cross Circuit Kit adds side-steps, 3-powerbands with ranging resistance, a powerband instruction guide, and 1-set of extendable handle grips.

The optional Cross Crcuit PRO Kit includes weight stands with side platforms and 2 32lb Powerblock adjustable weights (see our previous blog about Powerblock dumbbells). Powerblock dumbbells are revolutionary in that they adjust to the desired weight in 4 lb increments to fit your weight training needs. For a fraction of the price of a conventional dumbbell set, and the space requirement of one pair of dumbbells, your Octane Q37 Elliptical with optional Cross Circuit PRO Kit can meet your cardio and strength training needs!

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Fun Runs and Obstacle Courses

This year is flying by and Summer will be here before we know it! Along with sunshine, flowers and a few April Showers, Spring and Summer bring loads of fun runs, obstacle courses and good old friendly competition. Staying on your path to fitness and health does not have to be hard or tedious work. Obstacle course races have been gaining popularity across the country in recent years, joining friends together to motivate each other, train together and reach fun fitness goals together. Training for these events combines multiple known motivators for making healthy decisions: working towards a goal and working out with friends.

Themed Run Photo Credit: Patrick Hui

There are countless runs and obstacle courses to sign up for, including Zombie runs, costume themed runs, mud runs and color paint runs. The most important part of these runs and courses is getting ready. Preparing in a smart way and listening to your body is vital when training for any event. To prevent injury and muscle strains, you should always train and prepare for strenuous workouts like obstacle courses and long runs. Some of the best training partners are heart rate and activity monitors, like Polar products, that combine daily activity data and allow you to train based on how your own body works. Some suggested training schedules include strength training with weights and resistance bands, combined with cardio workouts on treadmills and ellipticals. In fact, ProForm has designed a treadmill inspired by the Boston Marathon , designed to help you train for a marathon. Many of these runs and obstacle races have suggested training pages as well, based on your current activity level and starting point.

There are countless runs and races across the country to sign up for. Prices vary and many have philanthropic causes benefiting from the registration costs. Below are links to some of the most popular races for different areas across the country, also keep in mind that many areas have local events as well. So this month, get a group of friends together, sign up for some runs and start training!

Helpful links:

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Modify Your Meal Habits


Modify Your Meal Habits

You work out hard in the gym and get in those 10,000 steps a day, but the scale still isn’t budging. What gives? It’s time to take a long, hard look at your meal habits and see what needs to be modified.

Here are three simple fixes to get you back on track:

Make Breakfast King. There’s an old saying that goes, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” To maintain a healthy weight, your first meal should always be the largest. Studies have shown that those who eat a good early breakfast weigh less than those who skip it. Think of breakfast as the “on” switch for your body – it’ll get your metabolism moving and provide the necessary energy boost!

Stop Skipping Meals. People trying to lose weight often think that skipping a meal is a fitness shortcut. Less food, fewer calories and big weight loss, right? Wrong! When you skip a meal, you are sabotaging your body. No food to digest slows down your metabolism, and your body will break down its next meal slower and store the food as fat. Plus, skipping a meal causes your blood sugar to drop, which leads to feeling sluggish and tired. Yikes. For weight loss success, eat throughout the day!

Nix Nighttime Nibbling. Mindless late night munching can pack on the pounds and fast! After dinner it’s okay to have some sort of treat – you’re human after all – but after that, no more. If you are consciously aware of that creep to your cupboards come 9 PM, use strategies to stop the snacking. While you’re watching TV at night, get out of the kitchen, chew gum or brush your teeth. And when temptation really hits hard, drink decaffeinated tea or a glass of water, and then decide if you’re still hungry.Meal Habits

Focus on these three meal modifications next week and see how your body changes. Odds are the results will be positive!

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When To Buy Organic Produce

When to Buy Organic Product


People always say, “I can’t buy organic – it’s too expensive!” However, there is a good reason for shelling out the extra cash for organic food: it’s without chemicals, fertilizers and added hormones, and thus is a much better fit for our bodies.

If you want to purchase organic but your wallet says otherwise, consider starting with organic fruits and vegetables.

The Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen” are the 12 worst offenders for pesticides, and it’s worth the investment to find an organic alternative. Conversely, the “Clean Fifteen” are the least likely to be contaminated with pesticide residues, so you can save your cash and skip the splurge. Check out the list below, and go organic when it counts!

Dirty Dozen:



Cherry Tomatoes



Hot Peppers

Nectarines (imported)





Sweet Bell Peppers

Clean Fifteen:





Sweet Corn









Sweet Peas (frozen)

Sweet Potatoes

For more information from the Environmental Working Group, click here:

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Fit Tip: Lose the Excuses



What excuse keeps you from exercising? It’s amazing how these rationalizations invade our thoughts and hold us back. But it’s time to recognize excuses for what they really are … excuses! Now here’s what to do to lose ‘em:

Excuse #1: “I Don’t Have Time to Exercise”

We all have hectic lives and busy schedules, but you only have one body and it needs to be treated well! Ask yourself this: How much television do I watch? If you have time for a 30-minute show, you have time for a 30-minute sweat session. If you don’t have 30 consecutive minutes available, fit in three 10-minute bouts of physical activity. A calorie burned is a calorie burned, no matter the time! And keep in mind that there will be days where you just can’t fit in the 10 minutes, due to a big work presentation or family concerns. Don’t use it as an excuse to stop exercising – just pledge to find time the next day to get moving again.

Excuse #2: “Exercise is Boring”

Nobody ever said the only way to exercise is to do something you dread. The exercise that burns the most calories is the one you like the best! Did you hear that running burns the most calories? Well, only if you like to run. Get the point? Do what you enjoy doing: take a dance class, go for a bike ride, walk with a friend or pop in a fitness DVD. If you like it, you’ll keep doing it – and that’s how you burn the most calories.

Excuse #3: “I’m Too Overweight to Exercise at the Gym”

Many people are afraid to hit the gym because they’re worried they will be judged, either for exercise ability or body type. However, you’ll find people of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels at most gyms. And remember, most other gym goers will be far too focused on their own bodies to pay any attention to someone else’s. If you are still wary about joining the gym, there are plenty of other options. Take a walk through your neighborhood with a friend, bike around the park with your kids, or exercise in your own basement. With just a few pieces of equipment or a DVD, you can get in an excellent workout.

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FIT TIP: Train The Brain With Exercise

Train the Brain with Exercise

We all know a trip to the gym can burn calories, build strength and improve heart health, but it doesn’t stop there. When you’re on a Stairclimber working your glutes, you’re also working your mental muscles. That’s right, just like a Sudoku, exercise trains your brain!

Here are three ways to get a brain boost from your next sweat session:

Improve Cognitive Function. A study published in Brain and Cognition found that after 30 minutes on an exercise bike, test subjects completed cognitive evaluations faster than they did before exercising – and just as accurately. A different study found that adults aged 55 to 80 who exercised regularly performed four times better on cognitive tests than control groups who didn’t. So that spin class may do more than produce killer calves.

Train the Brain

Boost Memory. Multiple studies revealed that physical exercise helps healthy aging adults improve their memory. In particular, a study in Perceptual and Motor Skills found that women performed 20 percent better on memory tests after running on a treadmill. So that’s where you left your keys!

Spur Growth. Our height may be set in stone, but our brain can still upgrade! A workout can actually improve the brain’s plasticity by stimulating the growth of new connections between cells. Research from UCLA demonstrated that exercise makes it easier for the brain to grow new neuronal connections. Think about your growing brain the next time you want to duck out of a workout!

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FIT TIP: Don’t Neglect Your Quads


Thunder thighs. Ever heard of ‘em? Harsh, we know. But thighs are a common problem area for men and women alike. The culprit? Glute obsession. Most people are so concerned with their glutes that they completely neglect their quads in the gym. But our quadriceps (the front part of our thighs) are the last thing we should neglect.

This very important muscle is crucial in walking, running and jumping.  If you feel like your thighs need a little extra help, here are three simple exercises you can start doing today:

1) Squat

The classic squat is exactly that – classic.  It’s one of the most effective lower body exercises ever. Take a shoulder-width stance, point your toes outward slightly. Keep your abs contracted, spine long, and chin up as you sit back into an invisible chair. Try to keep your heels on the ground as you lower down so your thighs are parallel to the floor. Push through your heels to bring yourself back to starting position. Do 15-20 reps and eventually work your way to 2-3 sets. If you want to add some weight, try a leg press of a Squat Calf Machine, which can help with form and added weight for a challenge.

2) Pistol Squat

The pistol squat will help strengthen your quads plus your hamstrings and glutes. Also, since you balance on one leg, you’re core is getting a good workout. Start standing with your arms straight out in front of your body at shoulder level and parallel to the floor. Raise your left leg off the floor, push your hips back and lower your body as far as you can. Pause, then push your body back to starting. Do 10-12 reps before switching to the other leg. Aim for 3 sets. (This is a hard one. Start by holding on to a chair for balance if needed when beginning.) For added support, hang a thick resistance band from something high up like a chin up bar and hold on to the band as you lower yourself down.

3) Lunge

Lunges are anything but fancy, but they get the job done. With your chest lifted, chin up and abs contracted, take a big step forward with your left foot. Sink straight down so your front left knee tracks over the top of your shoe and your back right knee points toward the floor. You are on your back left toe. Now push back to starting position. Repeat on the right leg and keep alternating. A good place to start is 10-12 lunges on each leg and work your way up to 3 sets.

Add these exercises into your workout three times a week and wave hello to strong, lean quads and goodbye thunder thighs!

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FIT TIP: Go Out For Lunch. Seriously!


How do you spend your lunch break? Are you hunched over your keyboard chowing down on a sandwich? Or are you on the phone trying to sneak in bites while the other person talks? Both ways are common, and both ways are too sedate. Instead of working through lunch, take a walk to an area bistro, even if it’s just once or twice week. Here’s why getting up and out is good for your health:

Skip Sitting. Besides burning extra calories, a short walk to lunch does something even better: gets you out of your chair! More and more reports about the dangers of sitting too long are emerging, and the outlook is bleak. Those who sit for extended periods have lower life expectancies, larger bottoms and slower metabolisms. Ditch the seat for an hour and get some fresh air!

Eat Fewer Calories. A survey in Britain found that people who regularly eat at their desks consume more calories and snacks than those who dine out. The ones who dined at their desk ate more than 1,200 calories during a working day. 1,200 calories? There’s almost no room left for breakfast or dinner. But remember, dining out could easily make the calories add up fast. Think lean proteins like chicken and fish, and eat lots of veggies. Keep the condiments and dressing on the side and replace your soda with water.

Chill Out. Your walk to lunch is more than a mini sweat session – it helps you to relax. A study in the Academy of Management Journal found that employees who work through lunch tend to be more burned out and less productive than workers who do relaxing activities during their meal break. Convince a friend to leave her computer and have a fun and relaxing lunch together!

See what happens to your health when you leave the office and eat out!

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FIT TIP: Take Two Wheels to Work

According to the US Census, one half of the US population lives within 5 miles of their workplace. Yet less than 1 percent of workers nationwide bike to work. It’s true that cars rule the road, but the benefits of biking are greater. Give it a shot, and make an open-air ride to work part of your daily routine! Why? It’s all about the three Es.



If finding time for the gym is problematic, make your commute work for you. Depending on your weight, you can burn between 215-500 calories during a 30-minute bike ride. That’s 215-500 more calories than you would be burning sitting in a car. Looking to lose a few? The average person loses 13 pounds biking to work for a year. Get on the seat, slap on the helmet, and start to slim down!


Taking two wheels to work adds up. The average annual operating cost of a bike is $308, while you’ll spend $8,000 on your car. And don’t forget about the fuel. If you’re commute is 20-miles round trip, you’ll save around almost $10 in gas per day, plus the cost of parking. Oh, one last benefit—your time is money. Cycle and skip the traffic!


Transportation makes up nearly 30 percent of U.S. global warming emissions, and the lion’s share is from cars and light trucks. If you can, get your workout in and go green at the same time – you’ll do your part in clearing the air!

If you can’t bike to work every day, even a few days a week in the saddle will save you money, help the environment and improve your health! Do you live too far away? (Pssst, we’re not up for 40-mile ride either.) Try driving halfway to work and stop at a Park and Ride or a mall. Unload your bike and ride the rest of the way.

A great way to get back into biking is to try out an electric bike! We carry a wide assortment of Pedego Electric Bikes – a stylish, comfortable and ecologically friendly way to commute. These sleek electric bicycles come in a variety of styles and colors, and the long lasting battery gives you that little extra push when you need it.

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Fit Tip: Jump on the Bandwagon

Need to refresh your strength routine? How about picking up a resistance band? Rubberized resistance will help you perform functional total-body exercises, refresh a stale routine and give you the toned results you’re working for.

They also function as a great post-workout stretching aid. Plus, what other piece of exercise equipment can fit in your suitcase with almost no extra weight? Hello, hotel workout!


Benefits of Bands:

  • Resistance bands offer the same benefits of other resistance exercises without being cumbersome and heavy.
  • If you use proper form and a challenging level of tension, your muscle fibers won’t know the difference between weights or bands. Even better, bands can offer more muscle recruitment because you can use multiple muscle groups at once.  Try a squat with a bicep curl.  Try a lunge with an overhead press.  They increase coordination and build buff muscles!
  • Resistance bands are the economical choice – inexpensive, lightweight and portable.
  • The band’s multidirectional movement can boost your strength for everyday activities.

Which strength of band is for you?

Resistance bands come in a range of levels, shapes and colors. To determine the right strength of band for you, use this rule of thumb: You should reach moderate to maximum muscle fatigue between 20-30 repetitions of your exercise. If your band is too easy, you’ll know. If it’s too hard, you won’t be able to complete the full range of motion.

Which type of band you choose depends on what you are using it for:

  • Flat bands are great for physical therapy, mind-body exercise and active agers.
  • Traditional exercise tubes are the most-used bands and are great for basic strength training and multiple muscle group exercises.
  • Superbands are great for pull-up assistance, partner exercises and athletic training.
  • You may have also seen braided tubing, looped bands, ankle cuffs … the variety is endless.

The bottom line – bands can be a fun, useful and portable tool to add to your weekly routine. C’mon, jump on the (resistance) bandwagon!

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Four Tips for Good Form


Let’s face it: our schedules are busier than ever, and free time is the most valuable commodity we have. Sloppy strength training – including poor form, incomplete repetitions and ill-conceived resistance weight – is simply a waste of time.

Here are four simple tips to create an efficient strength routine that rations your minutes and gives you the best form possible.

1. Make Friends With The Mirror: During strength training, the mirror is your best friend. Check in with your reflection every few minutes to correct your form. Are you slumping or getting sloppy? Good form is crucial to building muscle, not to mention staying injury-free. Use these three points:

  • Stand tall with your chest up and arms naturally at your sides
  • Don’t hunch your shoulders or hold tension in the neck
  • Hold your abs tight to protect your lower back

2. Remember To Breathe: If you’ve ever taken a yoga or Pilates class, then you know just how important breathing is during movement. Well, the same holds true when strength training! You’ll never reach your full potential if you exercise while holding your breath. Inhale during the easiest part of the exercise and exhale during the hardest part. For example, if you’re doing a weighted squat, inhale on the downward movement and exhale as you push from the ground and return to a standing position.

3. Use Muscle, Not Momentum: Make your muscles do the work instead of letting momentum swing your weight up and down. If you are losing control of the dumbbell, slow down and regain a controlled pace, or think about lowering the amount of weight. You’ll activate more muscle fibers if you lift and lower weights properly, through the full range of motion.

4. The Rule of 15: If you’re whipping through 15 reps and not feeling anything, you aren’t working hard enough. Adjust your resistance weight so that after 12-15 reps, you clearly feel muscle fatigue. Note: in the same vein of challenging of your body, you should never work through intense pain. There is a big difference between pain and muscle fatigue. Pain is “Ouch that hurts.” Muscle fatigue is “Wow, my muscles are tired. I can only do a few more.” Learning to differentiate between these two feelings is important for safety and results.

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Prep Your Meals and Eat Better All Week


Eating healthy doesn’t start with a magic pill or protein bar – it starts with your very own kitchen. That’s right, homemade meals take a little extra planning, but you can end up cutting calories and adding more nutrients if you do it yourself. And don’t forget about the money you’ll save.

Here’s the battle plan:

Sunday Set-Up:

Designate one day as “Plan and Prep” for the entire week. (We’re partial to Sundays.) Make a list of your future meals and the ingredients required for the entire week, and then go grocery shopping. When you get home, it’s time to prep. Here’s my advice:

• Make sure you have Tupperware, an insulated lunchbox and even a slow cooker (or Crock-Pot) – it’ll make the transportation and preparation of food that much easier

• Grill or bake a week’s worth of chicken breasts

• Fry up ground turkey or beef that you can throw in eggs and pasta sauces

• Make a batch of quinoa or brown rice to use for breakfast porridges, salads or side dishes

• Hard boil a dozen eggs for on-the-go protein snacks

• Slice and dice a week’s worth of fruits and veggies for stir-fries, salads or just easy snacking

Use Your Slow Cooker:

If you’re okay with eating the same food a few times a week, start the slow cooker overnight on Sunday and portion into individual containers the next morning. Make a versatile meat like pulled chicken or pork to use in a variety of styles: sandwiches, salads, pitas and pastas.

On-The-Go Grub:

Packing a healthy lunch is easy. Toss a grilled chicken breast, a cup of quinoa and veggies into a container to heat up at work. If you’re looking for a grab-and-go breakfast, freeze a few individual smoothies on Sunday and grab one each morning on your way out the door. Happy eating!

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Lunge Like You Mean It

Looking to amplify your workout on a walk or run? Look to the lunge. This do-anywhere exercise will firm up your glutes and strengthen your hamstrings, quads and calves. With tons of variations, your backside will never get bored! I’ll start with our five favorites below.


Alternating Forward Lunges:

Take a large step forward and lower your body toward the floor. Both legs should be bent at a 90-degree angle at the bottom of the lunge. Use your glutes and hamstrings to rise back up to start and repeat on the other side.

Alternating Reverse Lunges:

Same as the forward lunge only step backward instead.

Cross-Behind Lunges:

Transfer your body weight onto your left leg and cross your right foot behind your left leg, keeping your hips facing forward as you bend both knees and lower yourself toward the floor (like a curtsy). Push back to start. Repeat on the other side.

Walking Lunges:

Walking lunges are the same as forward lunges except as you alternate legs and you keep walking (moving) forward. Try doing walking lunges across the floor and back several times in a row. Add them as you go up a hill or up a flight of stairs to really kick in the glutes.

Split Jump Lunges:

Start standing in a split stance with the right foot forward. Sink down into a lunge and jump straight up, and while in the air, switch legs and land in a lunge with the left foot forward. Without resting, repeat the movement while alternating which leg is in front. This is a plyometric and will also shoot the heart rate up.

How To Incorporate Lunges Into Your Walk or Run:

• Every time you reach a stop sign on your walk or run, do 20 lunges of your choice.

• Every time you approach a hill or set of stairs, lunge up it. If you don’t have any terrain on your route, then stop every 10 minutes and do a few walking lunges down the block.

• Save the lunges for the end. When you’re done with your walk or run, don’t plop on the couch just yet. Do this mini-lunge workout to top off your cardio session.

10 Alternating Forward Lunges each leg

10 Alternating Reverse Lunges each leg

10 Cross Behind Lunges each leg

10 Walking Lunges each leg

30 seconds of Split Jump Lunges

*Repeat 1 time!

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Get Fit On The Waterfront

September is upon us, but summer hasn’t left the building quite yet! Squeeze out the last bit of sunshine by heading to the waterfront. Lakes, oceans and rivers offer a plethora of activities that will get your heart rate up and muscles working. Remember, water sports aren’t just for the pros. Check out our favorites below and take your pick!



Those who believe kayaking is solely an upper body workout have likely never tried it. Every stroke is essentially a single-arm row, and your arms, shoulders and back are consistently in action. However, you also need to activate your core, hips and legs to stabilize the boat and make turns, thus creating an excellent full-body exercise.


No need to do crazy flips or wake jumps to get a good workout. You’ll be holding onto a rope, which requires upper body strength, and your feet will be strapped into a board skimming across the water. Keeping a tight core and a slight bend in the knees are necessary to stay balanced and upright. Once you’ve done a few laps around the lake, your quads will be burning.


After an afternoon of tubing behind a boat, your shoulders will feel it more than a deltoid workout at the gym. So laugh with friends as each of you takes a tumble or two, and enjoy such an entertaining way to get toned arms!

Water Skiing

Once you get the hang of getting up on skis, you’ll be addicted to gliding across the water. To prevent a wipeout, your shoulders, arms and chest need to be activated and strong. But don’t forget about the lower body, which needs to be in a balanced, seated position that requires strength in your upper legs and glutes. Now that you have the hang of two skis, can you go slalom on a single ski?


A mix of surfing and kayaking, paddleboarding is everyone’s new favorite water sport. And for good reason, too – you can sneak in both a cardio and a sculpting session all while having fun with friends! The balancing act of standing on top of unpredictable water provides a killer lower body and core workout. Plus, your upper body is in action and your heart rate will soar while constantly paddling.

There’s still time – get out there and use the sun and water to your advantage!

Don’t forget to prepare for the colder months ahead! Find the perfect indoor fitness equipment to keep your workout on track at Want help finding the best equipment for you? Give us a call at 1-888-883-4863.

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Bad Joints? Go For A Swim

Dive in, dunk under or take a dip! However you want to call it, swimming is a great way to get a good workout, especially if you have arthritis or bad joints. Water places upward force on a person – better known as “buoyancy” – which means you can be unweighted by 90 percent in the water up to neck level. Thus, this phenomenon makes pool time the perfect low-impact activity for those who suffer pain during land-based exercises.

If you think water workouts are too “easy,” think again. Thirty minutes swimming laps burns 372 calories for a 155-pound person, according to Harvard Health. That’s the same as running at a 10-minute mile pace! And if you’re water jogging, that’s 282 calories a half hour.


Buoyancy Benefits

So what exactly does swimming bring to the table?

  • Strong calorie burn
  • Joint ease
  • Improves posture, balance and flexibility
  • Increases strength and muscle tone through the natural resistance of water
  • Reduces the risk of overheating during exercise
  • Lessens pain and increases range of motion

Pump Up Your Pool Time

Whether you sign up for a health club class or create a program in a local pool, there are many toys you can use to make your water workouts more fun and effective. If you are exercising in the shallow water, we suggest water shoes to protect your feet and improve your stability. Depending on your workout, you also can include:

  • Kickboards
  • Flippers
  • Resistance bands
  • “Noodles” (Long, thin Styrofoam tubes that keep you afloat)
  • Medicine balls (Yes, they float and are a great way to add resistance. Use them with a partner for even more fun.)

Whether you hit up the lap pool at your health club or make a splash in the shallow end, both are low-impact ways to get a great burn!

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The Ultimate Medicine Ball Workout

Medicine Ball

One medicine ball. Five moves. 22 minutes. That’s the equation for a killer total body workout that will leave you sweaty, satisfied, and a good kind of sore.

Medicine balls offer a great alternative to dumbbells. They prepare your body for realistic motions because you’re not fixed to a single plane of movement. You can add throwing, swinging, and rotational movements whenever possible.

Do each exercise for 1 minute and rest for 30 seconds. Do three of these intervals and immediately start the next exercise after you finish the last 30-second rest.

1. Forward Lunge with Arc

Hold the ball overhead and lowering it the right side of your body (to about shoulder height) while the right leg lunges forward. As you push back and switch legs, arc the ball over your head so that when you lunge forward with the left foot the ball lowers to the left side of your body. Keep alternating.

2. Overhead Slam

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and knees slightly bent. Lift the medicine ball overhead with both hands, bend at the hips, and slam the ball on the ground directly in front of you. Keep slamming at a high speed for the full minute.

3. Rolling Push-Up

Get into plank position with your right hand on top of the medicine ball and your left hand on the floor. Lower into a push-up until your chest is as close to the floor as possible. Press back up to plank and then roll the ball across to the left. Place your right hand on the floor and your left hand on top of the ball and do another push-up. Keep alternating.

4. Russian Twists

Start seated with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, holding a medicine ball with both hands in front of your chest. Keeping the spine long and the abdominals tight, lean back slightly and lift the feet a few inches off the floor. Slowly twist the torso to the left and bring the medicine beside the left hip. Return to center, and then slowly twist to the right and bring the weight beside the right hip to complete one rotation.

5. Plank To Chair Squat

Start standing with the ball at your chest. Squat down, place the ball on the floor, and quickly jump your feet back into plank position with your hands on top of the ball. Then, jump your feet back and stand up into a squat position. End the rep by pressing the ball overhead.

Check out our wide variety of Medicine Balls and Crossfit-style Wall Balls and find the best Medicine Balls to step up your workout routine.

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Caffeinate Your Next Workout

Looking for a pre-workout pump? Skip the expensive energy drinks and reach for a classic cup of coffee.


That caffeine kick in your cup can elevate your next sweat session and here’s why:

Black Coffee Benefits

  • If weight loss is a one of your goals, a little coffee could go a long way. A study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise found that subjects who took in caffeine before their workout burned 15 percent more calories for three hours post-workout. How much joe? A 150-pound woman should drink about 12 ounces.
  • Want to hit a PR at the gym? A study published in the British Journal of Sports Science found that coffee can play a role in athletic performance. Subjects who drank coffee before running 1500 meters on the treadmill finished an average 4.2 seconds faster than the control group. Caffeine can increase your energy and give you that extra push you need.
  • Brew your muscle pains away. Researchers at the University of Illinois found that subjects who consumed the caffeine equivalent of two to three cups of coffee one hour before exercise experienced less muscle pains during their workout compared to the control group.

Cap Your Cup of Joe

While coffee has its perks, too much of good thing is, well, not always a good thing.

An excess of coffee, 4 or more cups a day, can lead to jitters, nervousness, headaches, and an upset stomach, according to The Mayo Clinic. And, while coffee does not lead to dehydration, good ole water should never be completely replaced by the black stuff.

Don’t Drink Away Your Workout

Before you pour yourself a cup, get a reality check on your coffee drink of choice. Are you enjoying a cup of black before a workout or one of those loaded Venti Caramel Macchiatos with whip cream that can pack more than 300 calories and cancels out your calorie burn? (Some coffee drinks – desserts really – have over 500 calories!) Remember that the benefits listed above are for black coffee. If you can’t go without a little extra something in your cup, stick to non-fat milk, a half shot of flavor and skip the whip.

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Make TV Time Workout Time


Fall TV premiere season is here. Is your favorite show calling your name to the couch? Yep, it happens to the best of us.

This is the time of the year that people tend to want to cozy up to a blanket instead cozying up to a treadmill. To counteract the 30 minutes that often turns into hours, turn your can’t miss shows into a mini-workout!

Here are three ideas that will get you sweating while watching ScandalModern Family, and everything in between:

Watch and Weights
If you don’t owe a set of hand weights, you should. They are an easy way to sneak in strength training at home and take up very little space. Keep a pair next to your sofa that you can break out while channel surfing. Bicep curls, tricep overhead extensions, shoulder raises, and overhead presses are all exercises you can do seated. Do 3 sets of 12 reps of each, and you’re arms will feel it by the time the credits roll!
Not-A-Couch-Potato Couch Workout
Did you know that a couch makes for the perfect mini-gym right in your own living room? No other equipment required! While your brain is occupied on entertainment, occupy your body with a little exercise. Try decline push-ups with your feet on the couch and hands on the floor, tricep dips with your palms on the couch, or sets of one-legged lunges with your back foot elevated on, you guessed it, the couch. If you want to get your heart rate up, put your hands on the couch seat and do 30 second intervals of mountain climbers or jacks (feet out, feet together). Calories burned and show watched!
Commercial Break Crunch Challenge
During the first commercial break of your favorite show, hit the floor and count how many crunches you can do until your show comes back on. During one of the last breaks, do the same thing, but aim to beat your previous score. We promise your abs will be sufficiently worked and the commercial breaks will fly by!
Happy (active) TV time!

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Kettlebell at Home


Put a little swing into your workout with an old school Russian exercise tool that does wonders for the body: the kettlebell!

Kettlebells are easy to get your hands on (they are now in almost every gym and fitness store) and even easier to learn. If you’re looking for an at-home workout solution that doesn’t require expensive space or equipment, a kettlebell is a great answer. Let us break down the bell for you!

What is a Kettlebell?

A kettlebell is a cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle and can range in weight from 3 to 80 pounds. The unique shape of the kettlebell allows for ballistic movements and swinging motions you can’t do with traditional weights. The kettlebell is so versatile that it can even replace barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls and cardio equipment.

Kettlebell Benefits

  • Kettlebells work the body from head to toe, creating a full-body conditioning workout.
  • Kettlebells provide big results in less time. Since kettlebell training involves multiple muscle groups and energy systems at once, you simultaneously burn off fat while toning.
  • Kettlebells increase resistance to injury because they help strengthen joints and improve range of motion.
  • Kettlebells increase strength without increasing mass. Since your aerobic system kicks in as your heart rate goes up and your anaerobic system kicks in as you lift the weight, the result is lean muscle and reduced body fat.

Home How-To

The first step in using kettlebells in the comfort of your own home is choosing the right size. You should be able to complete eight to ten repetitions per exercise without setting the kettlebell down. Since you will be swinging up a storm, make sure you have adequate clearance on all sides. You can string together your favorite kettlebell movements to make your own workout. Here is an awesome list of exercises.

Ready to kick butt with kettlebells?

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Fit Tip: Knowledge + Action Is Power


We live in a media-savvy world, and information about health – some legitimate, some dubious – is in abundance. You probably read magazine articles or scroll for tidbits on your smart phone about how to work out better, eat smarter or lose those extra pounds. But what are you actually doing about it?

Sometimes the information overload creates a lull in productive activity, so let’s look at three simple, fuss-free steps to get you the results you need.

1) Move Beyond the Learning Phase

While knowledge is a powerful thing, don’t make the mistake of thinking your good intentions count toward a calorie burn. If you spend more time reading about how to get fit than actually moving your body, you’re stuck in the learning phase. It’s time to stop procrastinating and trust the tools you have to start taking steps for your health.

2) Skip Out on Perfection

Perfection is a stall tactic. Maybe you’re waiting to lose 10 pounds on your own before you join a gym. Or you’re putting off eating healthy until you can afford to only buy organic. Realize that this type of perfectionist thinking will make you stuck, not bring you luck. Nothing big and drastic needs to happen in your routine. Small changes are what really count in the game of health.

3) Execute an Action Plan

Knowledge is only power when combined with action. With 2014 winding down, it’s time to make an end-of-year action plan. Write down five goals and get to work! Here are examples to get you started:

• I will add strength training to my workout routine instead of just cardio.

• I will make three meals a week from my latest healthy cookbook purchase.

• I will keep my body fully hydrated and always reach for water.

• I will stand instead of sit for half of my day at work.

•I will actually use the juicer, blender or food processor taking up space in my cabinet.

•I won’t buy any more fitness DVDs until I start sweating to my current collection.

Congrats! You’ve made it to the end of this article, now what are you going to do with the information?

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Unless you are a highly motivated self-starter who always sticks to workouts, you may want to consider finding a workout partner. Exercising with a buddy can keep you accountable, provide motivation and be lots of fun! Here are four reasons why pairing up will increase your productivity when working out.

When your alarm goes off at 5 AM, hitting the snooze button isn’t an option if you’re expected to meet your workout buddy. You don’t want to leave them lonely in the gym parking lot while you’re lying in bed, right? Making an appointment with a gym buddy keeps you accountable and stops you from developing a recurring case of the “skips.”


You have your go-to ab moves, favorite bicep exercises and tried-and-true cardio routine. But guess what? So does your partner! That means double the fitness knowledge and double the possibilities. Plus, you can do workouts that are a bit tricky to do alone like partner-based medicine ball exercises, tag team running intervals, spotter-required heavy lifting, or even an exciting game of tennis.


You may think you’re pushing yourself to the limits at the gym, but a study from Kansas State University thinks you can go a little harder with a little help. The study found that people who worked out with someone they perceived as athletically superior will exercise harder and longer than they would solo. That means your job is to zone in on a partner who will challenge you!


Your workout partner isn’t someone you dread spending time with. If so, you should probably rethink your choice! Nope, this person can actually be a fun addition to exercise. When’s the last time you’ve laughed during a strength superset? When have you sweated for an hour while catching up with a best friend? There are many benefits to getting a gym buddy-both physical and mental!
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Eating Carbs Before Your Workout


When your car runs out of fuel, it doesn’t run properly. When your body runs out of fuel, the same thing happens. To avoid empty tank syndrome, fuel with carbohydrates pre-workout.

We aren’t talking about eating a carbo-loaded spaghetti dinner right before hitting the treadmill. It’s about getting just enough carbs in your system to keep you energized but not weighed down.

Keep it light, keep it simple, and keep these fueling tips in mind to ensure a powerful workout!

1) Coffee Is Not A Fuel

Trust us, we love ourselves a big cup of coffee in the morning as much as the next person. But a cup of coffee on an empty stomach provides no nutrients and isn’t doing your body any favors at the gym. Think of coffee as your stimulant for groggy days, but you still need to pair it with the proper carbs to maximize your exercise efforts!

2) Fruit Is Fuel

Fruit is a great pre-workout snack. The simple carbs in fruit have that release sugars into your body for an almost immediate boost. If you don’t usually eat before a workout or your stomach is sensitive, go with a banana because it is loaded with easily digestible carbs. Plus, a bit of extra potassium in your day is always a good thing!

3) Healthy Grains Are Fuel

Get on the healthy grain train! A bowl of oatmeal is a wise choice before a workout because the B vitamins convert the carbs from oatmeal into energy. Another powerful, snack to try is a simple slice of bread paired with peanut butter. But make sure to skip the refined white processed stuff and go with whole grain.

4) A Smoothie Is Fuel

Smoothies are easy on the stomach and easy to make! Basically, a perfect pre-workout drink! Pick healthy carbs like fruits and greens to get that energy boost your exercise needs and then add protein from almond milk or Greek yogurt.

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Shop ‘Til You Drop


Sure, online shopping can save you time, but it doesn’t do you any favors in the fitness department. However, an afternoon in the mall toting an arm-full of heavy bags from store to store will definitely help burn off those extra “festive” calories we all take in this time of year. So warm-up your car already; your workout is waiting!

Park Far Away

Before you even hit the first store, make your step count go up for the day. Park your car as far away as possible from the mall doors and sneak in an extra five minutes of movement. Plus, who needs the stress of circling and searching for the perfect spot? Not us!

“Power” Shop

Check off every item on your list by turning shopping into “power” shopping. Since mall walking for three hours can burn up to 750 calories for a 150-pound person, zigzag your route instead of going up and down the row of stores. And instead of taking the escalators and elevators, always look for the flight of stairs. An easy glute workout, plus the additional calorie burn, is a bonus you can’t pass up!

Curl Your Bags

Put your purchases to good use. While you’re waiting for your teenage daughter to come out of the dressing room, do bicep curls with your shopping bags. Sets of 15 throughout the mall quickly turn into a sculpting session with no gym necessary!

Avoid The Food Court

An afternoon of following the above mentioned tips can quickly be thwarted by a trip to the food court. Instead of diving into the cinnamon rolls and Chinese food, eat a healthy lunch at home before hitting the mall. Feel free to toss in an apple or protein bar for a quick snack when the shopping gets long. If you’re craving a treat, a small skim latte is only 100 calories!

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Track Your Progress Through Photos


A before and after photo of a weight loss journey or muscle-building plan is common. But what about taking a weekly photo of yourself from the beginning all the way through your transformation instead? These simple shots will keep you motivated, track your progress, and help you reach your end goals.

Why Capture My Progress Weekly?

Good question. Frankly, photos are a wake up call.  Nobody wants to stand in front of a lens and bare all, but facing reality is the best way to finally do something big for your health. If your plan is to take only two photos—before and after—you can easily lose sight of your mission in the months between. Seeing the visual changes will have a big impact on your psyche and keep you excited to continue to work hard!

How To Take The Best Photos

  • First, choose a day of the week and time of the day you will always be able to take your photo on to ensure consistency.
  • Next, pick a backdrop that you will use for every single photo. The spot should be free of clutter and distraction such as a solid colored wall or door.
  • For clothing, the stomach and waist (a common “trouble” area) needs to be visible. Women should wear shorts and a sports bra, and men should remove their shirt and wear shorts.
  • Pose like a pro. Take three photos: front, side, and back. Keep your hands at your side in all three and avoid flexing or sucking in your stomach.
  • Finally, selfies don’t always work the best here. Recruit a family member or put your camera on timer and set on a ledge or tripod. Landscape (that’s up and down) is the best shot to see you from head-to-toe.

What do you say? Are you camera ready to schedule a weekly snap session with yourself?

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Build Your Glutes In The Offseason


When May hits, a scramble to prepare for swimsuit season sweeps the gym. But why wait until spring? Now, in the dead of winter, is the perfect time to start building your glutes!

When you give yourself four to five months versus four to five weeks the results will be evident. Time is ticking, though. Make your next workout the official start of your “off season” plan with these butt-building methods.

Add Variation

Lunges and squats are classics for a reason. They work! But when you’re all lunged and squatted out after a month, don’t give up on your glutes. The trick to staying motivated and committed to your workout plan is variation. Side lunges, walking lunges, and curtsy lunges will ban boredom while plié squats, jump squats and pistol squats barely scratch the squat option surface. Also try weighted squats using kettlebells or dumbbells for an added challenge and quicker results!

Hit The Machines

To aid in the swimsuit offseason, bodyweight exercises should be paired with sets spent on machines. The Leg Press Machine, Squat Machine, and Glute Machine are three of the best strength machines for targeting your lower body. For the best results, challenge yourself with enough weight or resistance so that you struggle to finish the last few reps of 12 in the third set.

Consistency and Cardio

You’ve got the exercises, but you’re still missing the two “C” words required to get a great pair of glutes: consistency and cardio. A few sets of walking lunges once a week are good but not great. Focus on your lower body three times a week for 30 minutes. And make sure to include cardio into your routine in order to blast the fat hiding your new toned muscles. A Stairclimber or treadmill set at a slight incline are not only awesome cardio options, but they target the glutes as well.

Ready, set, glutes!

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Get Abs in the AM

Abs. The enviable body part that everybody wants but are tough to get. To make the six-pack process easier, commit to an early morning core session four to five days a week in addition to your normal workouts.

Right when the alarm clock goes off, spend a few minutes focusing on your middle before hopping in the shower. A consistent morning abdominal routine will start your day on an active note and help turn a pipedream of flat abs into reality.

7-Minute Morning Abs

An awesome option to engage your core come sunrise is a quick but sweaty seven-minute workout. Pick seven ab exercises—you can mix them up each day—and perform each for one minute. The goal is to transition from exercise to exercise without any rest. Although only seven minutes long, your abs will be burning by the time this tough mini-workout is over.

Plank Off

Jump out of bed and hit the floor. The plank is an extremely efficient isometric exercise that works not only your core but your upper and lower body, too. How long can you hold a plank? Challenge yourself to a plank off one morning a week and try to add five seconds each time.

Don’t Omit The Obliques

On the road to flat abs, the obliques cannot be pushed to the wayside. Although extremely important in shaping your middle, the muscles on the side of your core are often forgotten in favor of focusing on the lower abs. Don’t make this mistake; the best abs require balance! Bicycle crunches, Russian twists, and side planks are three of the best oblique-centric exercises to work into your morning core routine.

Set your alarm clock 10 minutes early and work on your six-pack!

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Stay Fit As A Frequent Flier


Travel makes exercise difficult but not impossible. You just have to come prepared. Whether you’re on a business trip, heading out on vacation, or visiting the family, here’s how to ensure you’ll stay fit on the fly.

Airport Advice

Your time in a terminal most likely consists of a lot of waiting. So why not use the wait to watch your weight? Come dressed in comfy clothes and running shoes in order to log miles in the airport instead of lounging. Brisk walking for a half hour burns about 167 calories for a 155-pound person.

After the mini-walking workout, don’t ruin your efforts by chowing down on calorie-laden kiosk food. Either come prepared with healthy snacks from home or reach for better options like almonds, Greek yogurt, or fruit at the airport.

Hotel Help

Workouts should not be put on hold when you’re away from home, especially if you’re a frequent traveler. Before booking your stay, check out different hotel gyms online and find one that fits your needs. Once you’ve checked in, make a deal with yourself to workout in the morning. Evenings often get befuddled with business meetings and dinners, and workouts instantly get pushed to the side.

If your hotel gym is lacking, you can easily turn your room into a workout area. A resistance band is the easiest piece of exercise equipment to toss in your bag to use in a tight space. Or pack a yoga or Pilates DVD to pair with a hotel towel instead of a yoga mat for an effective workout.

If running is your preferred method of movement but are concerned with navigating a new city, head on down to the front desk. Most hotels have running maps for the taking or offer concierge programs with guided group runs. None of the above? Use the Map My Run app to track your miles and find a route that’s popular to the locals.

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Beat the New Year Gym Crowds

new year

With gyms bursting at the seams during the first few weeks of the New Year, it can be tough to get a spot on a treadmill or elliptical.

Before you give up and let the Resolutioners have all the calorie-burning fun, direct your gaze toward some lesser-used fitness equipment. Here’s how you can beat the crowds and mix up your routine!


The rowing machine in the corner deserves a lot more love and actually started getting attention this past year. The smooth pulling motion not only works your arms and back, but your legs, hips, glutes, and core at the same time. Plus, your heart rate will quickly elevate for a killer low-impact cardiovascular burn.

Try: Time yourself for a 500-meter row. Then, hit the dumbbells for 15-minutes of strength work and finish your workout by rowing 500 more meters with the goal of besting your first time.

Stationary Bike

If you normally spin in a group fitness class, time to try a solo stationary bike session. Trust us, your legs and glutes will still feel the burn and calories will still be blasted even if you aren’t in the cycle studio.

Try: Set the clock for 30 minutes. Go easy for one minute, medium for two minutes, and sprint for one minute. Repeat until the time is up.


Looking for a total-body, low-impact workout but your favorite elliptical near the TV is taken? Head to a FlexStrider. Unlike the traditional elliptical, the FlexStrider allows you to change your stride length on the fly, which translates into a smoother and more natural running motion.

Try: Use the Lifescape Interactive Course on the console to go on a run through various locales throughout the world.

DIY Cardio

When the cardio machines are crowded, head to your gym’s aerobic room or a large, open space for a DIY workout. A step, jump rope, medicine ball, battle ropes, or just your own bodyweight will all provide a heart-pumping workout.

Try: Make your own HIIT routine with six exercises of your choice. Do each exercise for 20 seconds hard and 10 seconds rest, eight times through. That’s a 24-minute, super sweaty, workout!

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